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Well Conversion Questions

Your Well Conversion Questions Answered

LVGMP-web10If the pump on my well goes out and I’m within 180 feet of a water line, will I be required to connect to a municipal water supply?
If the pump can be replaced with a pump rig, as opposed to a drill rig, you will not be required to connect. If you’re within 180 feet of a water line, require a rig to repair your well AND there is financial assistance available, then you will be required to connect to the municipal water supply, assuming your permit is revocable and you use a domestic well or a community well.

If I am required to connect to a sewer system, must I also connect to municipal water?
No. The two issues are completely separate. A mandatory sewer connection does not automatically lead to a mandatory water connection.

How does the State Engineer know if a well has been deepened or replaced?
The well driller must file a log of work done on the well with the Nevada Division of Water Resources. Well drillers could lose their license if they perform work on a well without submitting the required paperwork.

As it relates to the Well Conversion Grant Program, what are “offsite costs?”
Offsite costs include all connection charges and fees required to bring a service connection from the existing municipal water line in the street to the meter box at the private property line (the costs include the meter and the box).

How much does it cost to connect to a municipal system?
Costs can vary widely based upon a number of factors, including the meter size. You may contact the appropriate water purveyor — Las Vegas Valley Water District, Henderson or North Las Vegas — for an estimate.

May I participate in the well conversion program if my well is in proper working order?
Yes, this is called a voluntary conversion.

May I participate in the the Well Conversion Grant Program if my property is more than 180 feet from an existing municipal water line?
Yes. Under the program, the Southern Nevada Water Authority will pay up to 85 percent of the first 180 feet of offsite costs associated with a voluntary conversion (subject to available funding). Costs to run any additional line beyond 180 feet must be paid fully by the voluntary applicant.

How long does it take to complete a well conversion?
It only takes days to approve an application for connection. However, it takes much longer to complete the actual work, which includes designing the pipelines and other facilities, obtaining all the necessary permits and rights-of-way, constructing the facilities and properly abandoning and plugging the well.