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Fees & Billing

Learn About Groundwater Fee & Billing

To fund activities to protect the Las Vegas groundwater basin, the Nevada Legislature initiated an annual fee for well users.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority distributes bills for the annual groundwater management fee to well owners and groundwater permit holders in the Las Vegas basin in late summer of each year.

  • For domestic wells (a well that serves only one home) the fee is $13 per year.
  • For all other types of wells the fee is $13 per acre-foot of permitted water use per year.

Approximately 60 percent of the fees are paid by municipal water purveyors and other government entities — the largest water-right holders in the valley.

Where does the money go?
Revenue from the mandatory fee provides funding for the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program to:

  • Help stabilize the water table through the permanent recharge program.
  • Prevent groundwater contamination.
  • Encourage well owners to properly plug unused wells.
  • Provide financial assistance to help well users who are required by the Nevada State Engineer to connect to a municipal water system or who volunteer to connect to the system.
  • Provide well users with conservation incentives and rebates.

Who manages the money?
The Southern Nevada Water Authority manages the fee and its collection.

As well users learn about the program, its value becomes apparent — stabilizing groundwater, aquifer protection and financial help that will dramatically cut the cost of connection for well users, should they ever have to connect to municipal water.